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April 27, 2023
5 Minute Read
by Lori Shecter

Good morning non-profit world…and anyone else who uses social media for marketing!  I had the pleasure of attending a social media update from the great Mari Smith (the Meta Guru, IMHO).  She had these important things to say about Meta (FB and Instagram for those who haven’t made the mental switch yet.) And in case you are going nuts trying to figure out why your social isn’t engaging, you are not alone.  The constant change of algorithms from all the tech giants has everyone running around in circles.

Top 8 Tips

  1. More is not better.  QUALITY is better.  Who cares about vanity metrics if no one is DONATING, JOINING, or whatever your social goal is?  Wait…you don’t have a social goal?  Well create one, and write your content around that.  So maybe 1 post a day instead of three, or 2 posts a day instead of 5.  You need to play around and see the impact of your changes are on your organic reach (i.e. one size does not fit all!  Publishing massive volumes of content get little or no reach or engagement.
  2. Focus on Metrics that Matter: Build relationships with your donors to get them more interested in your organization with storytelling and how donations impact your organization.
  3. The Written Word: Go back to nurturing your email list and creating impactful content that matters to the people on your newsletter list.  It is not a bad idea to ASK THEM what they want to learn more about.  Ask THEM why they subscribe to your newsletter.
  4. Don’t Publish Links in Your Post:  I believe you CAN in the comments, but links in posts drastically reduce your organic reach.
  5. Publish content with Call To Actions Buttons:   Contact Us, Donate, Etc. is important in order to tell users what to do.  Directions for CTA on your page.  For posts, you must add them through your ad manager.  View this video and let me know if it works for you!
  6. YouTube:  The unsung hero:  Remember that YouTube is owned by Google so it really helps with SEO.  If you are already creating a video, add it to your YouTube account as well, and there are lots of ways to make your YouTube come up in search results.  View Video.
  7. Facebook Groups:  This may or may not make sense for your organization.  We Are Immediate has a non-profit marketing Facebook Group.  Please join us!  Mari also recommends Mighty Networks, which I haven’t checked out yet, but you bet I will!
  8. Artificial Content Creation:  Don’t be afraid to experiment and try it out.  I frequently use it to generate ideas and then add my voice to it.  Here’s an article we wrote to help non-profits through the Artificial Jungle.
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