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May 20, 2015

Why Websites struggle with Google’s SEO Changes

Google regularly rolls out SEO changes to its algorithms which makes businesses panic once they notice their fallen PageRank.

Changes to Google’s search algorithms don’t have to make you worry; they are designed to help improve the quality of content readers see when they look up certain information. The best thing your business can do while Google irons out its formula is make sure that your focus is on providing solid content, rather than on “gaming the system.”

In the past, SEO tips have focused on keywords (and keyword stuffing), the number of outbound links compared to your text, having more articles so your content will appear richer and fuller… Google has confirmed that all of these old practices are not to be rewarded anymore.

Instead, pages are looked at for the quality of their content. Here are some items that comprise this measure of quality:

  • Is the article top heavy? Do you have content above the fold, or do your readers have to look for that information?
  • Is your article too short to be very informative? Google now prioritizes long form content.
  • Is your website mobile-optimized? Google tries to cater results based on what devices are being used at the time.
  • Is your article more informative or is it heavily one-sided?
  • Is the article a thinly rewritten version of another one on this or another site?

The number one thing your page can do to improve its SEO is to produce unique and original content. Stop looking for tips and tricks, and go back to old fashioned research and writing. Use imagery (your own, if you can help it) to make your work more valuable. If you establish your site as a reliable authority of your own subject, then your site will perform well regardless of algorithm changes.

Unless your site is old and unresponsive. Then you have some other structural changes you need to implement before you fully reap the benefits. We have written about the reasons for this before, but just know that having a website with responsive web design (therefore mobile ready) is extremely important for your business. Google has confirmed that its search algorithms now prioritize mobile websites and mobile-optimized sites for users searching from handheld devices.

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