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March 16, 2020

Taking your commerce or classroom business virtual: A guide

Taking your business virtual has become critical during these times. We are striving to help all our clients get through this time as many are struggling to keep their business generating income.  A large percentage of We Are Immediate’s clients are non-profits or are event-based businesses.  We are trying to help as much as we can by providing our technology and resources.

What we can do

  1. If you are a class or event-based company, we have provided a list of software below that can help you take your business virtual.
  2. If We Are Immediate has built your website, we can create a login/password protected page accessible only to those with a password.
  3.  If you have a brick and mortar store and would like an e-commerce store enabled, we can provide you with an e-commerce solution within 1 week.

Webinar or E-Learning

There is a difference between webinar/conference software and e-learning.  A short explanation is that e-learning is modular based and students can go from module to module.  Conferences and webinars can be live or pre-recorded and make the user view the entire section.  CLICK HERE for a full description of the differences between each so you can make the right choice for your business.

Software Links

Below is a shortlist of different software (some of which we have used).  In terms of E-learning, we are only familiar with LearnDash – a WordPress based system.  It is easy to use and can be registration-based with e-commerce included.  If you would like to see a full list of e-learning and webinar software, please visit CAPTERRA

UPDATE AS OF MARCH 17, 2020 –  Just found a new webinar software FREE FOR 3 MONTHS

Price Low/MonthFree!!! $    8.00 Free $  49.00
Price High/Month $  63.00 $ 109.00 $399.00
Learning Software
Price Low $159/Year$1.75/User/Month
Price High$329/Year.80/User Per/Month
ParticipantsUnlimited200 – 1000
Payment RegistrationYes

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