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Joint Animal Services

Helping rehome homeless animals

Lacey Animal Services had an outdated site that did not attract users. They partnered with us to create a mobile experience that would integrate with their pet-finder plugin and help pet parents and volunteers easily find all the information they needed about donating, volunteering, adoption and more.

What We Did

We Are Immediate’s team of animal lovers designed a website flush with gorgeous animal imagery.

  • Custom-designed graphics
  • Custom-designed WordPress theme
  • Mobile optimized
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pet licensing portal

Our Solution

Our Solution

Our Solution

Licensing Portal


Before Joint Animal Services

Helping rehome pets in the Lacey, WA.

More than your everyday municipal website, we designed a fun and responsive experience with a colorful, grid-style homepage to highlight each of the main sections of the Animal Services website.

Adoption increases


“Our board loved the new website so much they gave us a standing ovation!  We are thrilled we used We Are Immediate for our website.”

-Staff Members, Joint Animal Services