Website Maintenance

Having a properly maintained website is as crucial as having money in the bank.

Save Time and Money

Our team maintains both WordPress and Custom developed websites. Our relationship with you lasts well beyond just designing your website. We want to ensure it continues to perform years after launching.

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Save Time and Money

Case Study

Maintenance Solutions

We are Immediate is an NYC Web Development agency that helps organizations maintain their business websites with high-quality processes and procedures that will ensure maximum performance.

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    CMS Maintenance

    We Are Immediate offers multiple solutions for different types of content management systems. We specialize in WordPress and custom developed code. We specialize because we believe that it is better to be a master of specific code rather than a jack-of-all-codes. By specializing we offer the highest quality solutions and expertise on specific code types.


    Our Process

    Our maintenance teams offer a highly strategic development process. From gathering requirements to designing, development, testing, and launch. All of our code is developed on the exact environment that your current web application is on. All code is well tested prior to deployment on your server.


    Project Management

    Project Management is essential to the success of any website maintenance no matter what code base you are using: WordPress, Drupal, Umbraco or custom code. We believe in frequent communication, strict adherence to timelines, costs, and deliverables. While we often work using the Agile strategy, we believe in clearly defined goals and timelines, combining the Waterfall approach in our Agile process.


    Quality Assurance

    Nothing is more important to us than making sure whatever code we use is tried, tested, tried and tested again. When it comes to testing code, it is all hands on deck. Our certified QA team makes sure that everything we do is completely compliant with your current code base. We guarantee all our code for 2 weeks to ensure multiple live testing opportunities in a live situation.

    Let’s Get Started

    Do you want to streamline your company’s business? We can help you conceptualize, design, develop and launch customized enterprise software that will change the way you do business.

    Web Maintenance The Right Way

    We Are Immediate is different from NYC web development agencies.

    We have a few abilities that separate us from the crowd when it comes to Website Maintenance. 1) We listen very carefully to what you say when we write detailed techical documentation. 2) We design the development structure and plan for you to approve 3) We develop bug-free code 4) We are sticklers for on time and on budget delivery.

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    Our drive

    We are driven to deliver high quality code and are motivated by complete testing. Our code must be compatible with yours in order for us to consider our relationship successful.

    Customer Support

    We go crazy when we hear the horror stories that some of our clients tell us. We have zero tolerance for anything less than 95% satisfaction (no one is 100% perfect but we are working on that!) Our team will respond to any issues within 2 to 12 business hours depending on the time of day that you let us know about a problem. We then determine the issues and immediately project plan a solution.

    Our Planning Process

    We make sure that your team is on the same page as We Are Immediate when it comes to planning. Website maintenance is equally important as the initial website development. Careful scoping, timing, pricing and delivery is key to a successful maintenance relationship.

    Feedback Please

    We require a commitment from your team to provide us with feedback both what you like and what you don’t like. We are always striving to improve our communication and understanding for all maintenance projects.

    Do you take all projects?

    We would love to be able to take every project that pops into our inbox. Unfortunately, until we evaluate your code, it is impossible to tell you if we can work with you. From time to time, the code is developed in a way that prevents us from being able to offer you timely, cost-effective website maintenance. Please contact us with any questions you might have!.