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Helping an 50-year-old non-profit have more impact

We Are Immediate supports all non-profits in every way that we can…especially those helping our most vulnerable population (senior citizens).  We updated SSSEVA’s website to help senior citizens get the support they need.

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What We Did

Proof that changing a website increases user engagement and donation.  We created over 19 page-types each with high levels of customization.  SSSEVA’s increased donations are proof that redesign works.

  • Complete customized website design
  • WordPress  CMS
  • 20 different templates
  • Unique search features
  • Integration with BlackBaud
  • ADA, Mobile, and SEO compliant.

Our Solution

Mobile Responsive

senior citizens

Before and After

senior citizens

Good design makes all the difference in the world.

The complete redesign enabled users to find exactly what they need in 1 click.

Traffic increase


“We are absolutely stunned by the magic designs of our new website. Website traffic and donations increased immediately!”

-Laura Wasileski, SSSEVA