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A Unique Design for a Unique Park

The renowned Randall’s Island Park in New York City underwent a significant website overhaul. We aimed to assist global visitors in swiftly finding their desired information with just a click. Whether it was about the iconic Icahn Stadium, breathtaking waterfront vistas, tennis facilities, hiking trails, or afterschool sports programs, this expansive park required a user-friendly website for seamless navigation.!

Live Website


We Are Immediate provided precisely what park visitors desired! From the distinctive homepage carousel to animated icons, and the user-friendly maps and other tools, we delivered.

  • Donation Page
  • Event Page and Registration
  • Volunteer Registration
  • Calendars
  • Interactive Maps
  • Job Board


What We Did

We crafted an incredible non-profit website featuring over 24 distinct page templates and unique and whimsical animations. We essentially knocked it out of the park (no pun intended). With this custom-designed website, we’ve set a standard that will captivate visitors for years by increasing donations, volunteer and event registrations, and overall park visibility and engagement.




Navigation is Key

Our proficiency in the craft of creating navigation and delivering search results effectively plays a crucial role in enhancing user engagement and interaction. Coupled with our award-winning design, this synergy has led to unparalleled outcomes.


Year-to-year, both overall website visits and user engagement experienced a notable increase.


24 different templates

Flexible, easy to use, and performance focused.


Perfectly responsive

Designed for all devices and browsers



Purposefully delights the user on every page.

Services Performed



Our first step toward understanding what a museum redesign entails is to conduct user research among staff members, users, and to analyze current user trends. We also look any other available research such as Google Analytics, Heat Maps, Etc.



UX Design

UX (User Experience) is the part of the project where we decide how the top navigation looks, what a page template looks like, and how it all interacts together.



Graphic Design

Graphic design for non-profit websites is the fun part.  We compare it a little to shopping for a couch.  We find out what your tastes are and match that to our world-class design expertise, making something you only dreamed was possible.




Search Engine Optimization is an important part of non-profit web development.  In order to be found by Google, you must ensure that your website is built to be found by the key words you want to rank on.


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