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by We Are Immediate
Helping Mental Health Care Workers

We helped an audience of students, educators, psychologists, and other mental health care professionals find a robust resource rich in teachings and case studies. The completely rebranded website provides access to a library of psychological research, as well as the latest news and developments in the field.


We Are Immediate was successful in increasing website traffic and user engagement from event registrations to donations


What We Did

We created a custom–designed website based on world–class design and development techniques. We designed a menu that enables mental health care professionals easily find valuable information. The website is optimized for all devices and browsers. We have also implemented the latest technologies to ensure the website is secure and reliable.



by We Are Immediate


by We Are Immediate

Achieve dream results

The results are clear when it comes to pixel-perfect design and easy-to-find content. The Bowen Theory Academy team were in disbelief when they saw the registration for their annual seminar.


Increase of Annual Seminar 2021 versus 2022



Over 15 Specific Page Templates

We ensure that all of Bowen Theory Academy’s marketing goals were met with our unique “page purpose” document.  Multiple template designs played a big part in the success of this website. Each template has its own marketing purpose, which serves the general website goals.


Each page template has multiple functions

Our page templates can take many (many) forms and can be adapted (by hiding/adding sections) to achieve whatever goal you need a page to achieve.


Services Performed



It was crucial that, for the new Bowen website, We Are Immediate understood the demands of each user. Users, board members, and members were the subjects of our investigation. Each website user’s individual needs were taken into account during the building process.



UX Design

UX (User Experience) is the part of the project where we decide how the top navigation should look, how a page template should look, and how everything should interact with one another.



Graphic Design

Graphic design is the enjoyable part of website design for nonprofit organizations. We compare it a little to couch shopping. We learn about your preferences and combine them with our top-notch design know-how to create something you never imagined was possible.




The building of websites for non-profits should include always SEO. You must make sure that your website is designed to be found by the keywords you want to rank on in order for Google to find it.


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