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by We Are Immediate
Bringing Art to Life

We Are Immediate showed the world that there is something for everyone at the Morris Museum, the largest art museum in New Jersey. The Museum showcases an array of experiences including exhibitions, theatre, films, learning, events, and interactive exhibitions. The easy-to-navigate experience takes users to the exact page they looking for with one click!

Live Website


We Are Immediate was successful in increasing website traffic and user engagement from ticket purchases to event registration. Other features include:

  • Donation Software
  • Membership
  • Event Registration
  • Calendars
  • CRM integration
  • E-Commerce


What We Did

We created a custom-designed website based on world-class design and development techniques. The results are astounding. The responsive design is pixel-perfect. Included SEO best practices for maximum visibility on search engines. The website offers an unparalleled user experience.



by We Are Immediate


by We Are Immediate

User flow is key

Design and correct user flow greatly impact website traffic when it comes to all websites, including Morris Museum! We look to seeing increased in-person traffic, as well as increased donations


Increase of page views and overall website traffic year-over-year



A Page Template for all Functions

Each page is designed to perform a marketing goal


A Page Template for all Functions

Each page is designed to perform a marketing goal


Services Performed



Our first step toward understanding what a museum redesign entails is to conduct user research among staff members, users, and to analyze current user trends. We also look any other available research such as Google Analytics, Heat Maps, Etc.



UX Design

UX (User Experience) is the part of the project where we decide how the top navigation looks, what a page template looks like, and how it all interacts together.



Graphic Design

Graphic design for non-profit websites is the fun part.  We compare it a little to shopping for a couch.  We find out what your tastes are and match that to our world-class design expertise, making something you only dreamed was possible.




Search Engine Optimization is an important part of non-profit web development.  In order to be found by Google, you must ensure that your website is built to be found by the key words you want to rank on.


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