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by We Are Immediate
Making Brooklyn A Better Place

Almost 50 years of service!

FDC has been meeting the needs of the most economically and culturally diverse area in the U.S. since 1975.  We helped them all by creating this website which shows every angle FDC can help you from! Since its creation, the site has seen donations increase exponentially!




Other features include:

  • Donation Software
  • Event Calendar
  • Newsletter
  • Available Jobs Software



What We Did

We custom-designed this WordPress website with hundreds of blog posts, an event calendar, donation software, and much more.




by We Are Immediate


by We Are Immediate

Keeping the neighborhood informed!

The full-of-life blog post section (active almost every day) keeps all who visit the website informed about any news and events that take (or are going to) place soon, including tenant meetings, shows for kids (and adults too!), the beginning of their afterschool programs, and so much more.


Increase in donations!



Complete flexibility for FDC

Over 10 page templates were created, each carefully crafted for a specific purpose within the website. All sections have distinct areas that we want to highlight, which is achieved by our effective design around said areas.

All templates are designed separately

The mobile design is pixel-perfect. This means that every single item looks exactly how it is intended to look on all devices and screen sizes. It requires extreme attention to detail and accuracy in order to ensure that all elements of the design are displayed exactly as they should be.

Services Performed



Our very first step was a thorough interview process, designed to help us deeply understand the nature of what FDC stands for, what it means for people, and how their actions help save lives.




UX Design

The goal often is to have the cleanest and most direct and easy-to-navigate end product possible. Every section has to be easily identifiable, with all of its key components and information in plain view.



Graphic Design

While some aspects of the site identity were maintained, the difference between the before and after is huge! We kept the logo, but the main color palette (and the use of colors) was changed completely in order to be able to highlights different aspects of the website.





All our websites come with Search Engine Optimization technology, tools, and training. Being easily found by Google search is one of the biggest advantages you can have.



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