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by We Are Immediate
Helping Turn Abandoned Land into Possibility

Above and Beyond

Reimagining a non-profit brand to help teams from around the country repurpose abused and polluted land.


Other features include:

  • Donation Software
  • Membership
  • Event Registration
  • SaleForce Integration
  • E-commerce


What We Did

Complete redesign and development of a years old Drupal website into a modern WordPress design.



by We Are Immediate


by We Are Immediate

A fantastic user experience has changed peoples’ perception of our website.

Our site was quite complex and there were moments that I was sure we weren’t going to be able to do exactly the functionality that I had imagined, but they always found a way! Their problem-solving was exceptional.

Year to year resource guide traffic increase

“Their unparalleled problem-solving skills allow them to implement the functionalities that the client requires, no matter how complex. “

-Rachel Ross, Communications Director


Complete flexibility for FDC

Over 15 new page templates were created, each carefully crafted for a specific purpose within the website. All sections have distinct areas that we want to highlight, which is achieved by our effective design around said areas.

All templates are designed separately

The mobile design is pixel-perfect. This means that every single item looks exactly how it is intended to look on all devices and screen sizes. It requires extreme attention to detail and accuracy in order to ensure that all elements of the design are displayed exactly as they should be.

Services Performed



Once again, our first step is to understand what the company stands for, what its goals are, and how its actions affect the community. With all this in mind, we create our first drafts for client approval.


UX Design

Even though the content is not the most complex part of our work, we had to figure out a way to present it in an organized and easy-to-navigate way for a better user experience.



Graphic Design

Our approach was a very classy and conservative one, maintaining the sobriety of the previous website, while giving it a modern twist.




All our websites come with Search Engine Optimization technology, tools, and training. Being easily found by Google search is one of the biggest advantages you can have.


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