Custom Registration and E-commerce

OASIS Answers

Helping a business reach their full potential

To keep up with new e-commerce and event registration software, OASIS Answers partnered with We Are Immediate. We helped them become a powerhouse institution in the complex world of health insurance coding.

What We Did

Oasis has a complex business model that required complete custom registration software. We designed and developed an all-in-one experience. Think Event-Brite + Shopify +WordPress +Meetup

  • Event registration software
  • E-commerce
  • Seamless QuickBooks Integration
  • Content Management System
  • Robust reporting

Our Solution

Our Solution

Custom Registration

Our Solution

Custom Registration

Before and After

Custom Registration

Managing a complex business

The OASIS Answers software is an elegant example of how powerful customized solutions can be for your business.

Registration Results


“For the first time ever, we have sold-out events across the country.”

-OASIS Answers team