With integrated web design, user experience,  and  branding graphic design,  we create the look and feel of your digital presence, ensuring a visually engaging experience for your clients. Utilizing world class standards,  we make each touch point seamless. In all, our awe-inspiring design combines expertise with experience, making us a unique digital agency.

“We Are Immediate gave us exactly what we dreamed about!”  Colorado Youth Matters


We are Immediate is a NYC Web Development agency that helps organizations grow their businesses with precision perfect web and mobile development applications. Businesses need great web and mobile presence. We match our capabilities to fit your needs.



E-Commerce websites do NOT have to be expensive! We offer e-commerce solutions for all budgets. If you are just starting out, we can help you customize your Shopify, Volusion, or Big Commerce site. Are you a larger merchant looking for your own website? Look no further. We design and develop in Magento, Woo Commerce and Nop Commerce.



We build content management systems in open source code including WordPress, Drupal and Umbraco. We also build in custom code. We believe it is important for our clients to be involved in the decision-making process. The CMS we recommend is based on your business goals as well as  the suitability of each content management system to each stakeholder.



If your business requires custom development, such as a unique data base, intranet, or SaaS software, We Are Immediate will design, develop and launch it with you. We are your partner in fulfilling your wildest digital dream. And help you make it successful too!



If it’s not mobile ready, it’s not ready at all. All our applications and websites are mobile optimized. If your website is not responsive to all mobile devices, your search results can suffer. Make your website mobile ready and soar to the top.

95% Customer Satisfaction

Speak to any NYC Web Development team and you will get no less than 1000 answers on the correct method of web or mobile development. Whether you have NYC development or development anywhere else in the world, everyone has their own process. See why 95% of our clients are thrilled with the web sites and apps that we design and develop for them.


We Are Immediate is different from NYC web development agencies.
We consider ourselves a boutique agency which means we don’t take on 100’s of development projects every month. We hand pick the few that match our skill set and our strengths. We develop content management systems, e-commerce websites, database systems, and of course app and mobile development. We know a lot of code, but we don’t know all code. If your project is not right for our team, we will recommend someone who is.
Our passion
When we design, create and develop a website or a mobile app for you, a project that you have invested time, effort and money in, we ensure we deliver an experience that increases your sales and grows your business.
An Affordable NYC Web Development Company
It is important to us that everyone can afford a digital solution to make their business successful. We will never add more and more costs to the project. Even before we give you a cost estimate, we spend several hours with you documenting all your requirements. This way we know that we can deliver your website or mobile app on time and on budget.
Our Planning Process
We plan to ensure there are no surprises when you see your final project. We design wireframes (the user experience) which you approve. We then dig in and do graphic design (the fun part.) Usually graphic design has a few revisions, but we are really good at pinpointing design taste.
Responsive Website or Mobile App

You can see this process on our development server. It’s really cool. Like watching a house being built, but better because it means that you are doing something to help your business grow!
Before your project is live, we test it, test it, and test it again. You can be involved with this part of the development process too! When we are convinced that every line of code is seamless, we launch your website or mobile app. Perfect!
Our Guarantee
We guarantee all our projects for up to 2 months, free of charge. Whether you are a small or medium business, non-profit, or even another digital agency, our team is here with an immediate NYC development team.