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March 28, 2016

Is WordPress the right content management for your business?

by Lori Shecter

We write a lot about what content management system you should use. And of course there are just as many opinions as there are content management systems, over 200, and that does not include custom or enterprise-level systems.

First, what exactly is WordPress?  WordPress is an open-source code that was developed in 2003 to help type look better on the web.  Open source doesn’t mean free – it just means that the code used as the back-bone of your website is free.  There are “backbones” or Frameworks that are not free.

WordPress does indeed have a free version: you can find it hereHowever, WordPress will show up in your URL, i.e.  For an annual fee, you can have a personalized URL without the WordPress name.  The free version of WordPress is more or less a blog and does not have the features that a business website needs to have. What does that mean? Well, if you want certain types of content, formatted in a customized layout, you will not get that with the free version.

Pros of a WordPress developed website:

  1. Complete Control: Once your website is built, you don’t need a web developer to add any content, videos, or images.
  2. Ease of Use: Your web developer should provide training and a user guide.
  3. Flexible: Your web developer can create anything in their imagination
  4. Affordable: If you are willing to use a template versus a custom design, most small businesses can afford a WordPress website.
  5. Functionality: There are loads of “plugins”. A plugin is code developed by another person so that your developer doesn’t have to create functionality from scratch. This can cut down on time and cost. For example, Woo-Commerce can turn your website into an e-commerce platform!
  6. Price: A WordPress website can be less expensive than other websites, however, that is not to say they can’t be expensive if they have a lot of functions and unique design.
  7. Lots of developers: If you have any issues with your developer, there are literally 1000’s of WordPress developers around the world.
  8. Search Engine Friendly: WordPress can be very search engine friendly—but your web developer MUST design the website with the correct technology. And remember, the best way to be found by search engines is to write, post, share repeat!
  9. WordPress is not just for small businesses. Large companies, like THE NEW YORK POST are developed in WordPress

Cons of a WordPress developed website:

  1. Appearance: It is said WordPress websites can look like each other. But WE say Your WordPress website is only as good as your WordPress web developer and design team. There is no reason that your WordPress website has to look like everyone else’s.  Here are a few websites that we developed in WordPress, including We Are Immediate.  You be the judge:
  2. Updates: WordPress and the various plugins that are developed around the world can have frequent updates due to functionality or security issues.  Your website should never be set to auto-update.  Therefore you will need your developer to manually update when a security release becomes an issue.
  3. Search Engine Optimization is NOT automatic. Do you want to reach page 1 or 2 on search?  You need to have your site built correctly, you need to post often, and you need how to properly tag and write for Search Engine optimization.

Just take a look at a few of the types of websites and functionality we’ve developed WordPress :

Non-Profit Organizations
Donation Software
Raffle Software
Event Registration
E-Commerce  Websites
Start-Up Websites
Enterprise Solutions



Fund Raising
Web Development
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