Oasis Answers

The BriefIDEA

Oasis Answers wanted to update their registration based website that was over a decade old.  They wanted an easy way for users to find course and exams and register for multiple products simultaneously.  Add to that the need for both groups and individuals to create accounts and multiple reporting needs.

The Challenge

challengeAfter evaluating almost every enterprise registration software in existence, the Oasis team decided that what they really needed was a customized solution that would address their very specific reporting needs, client type and event types.

The Result

Imagine a WordPress, Event Brite, and Shopify website all wrapped up into a perfect package with an easy admin panel, amazing front-end user experience.  The real results?  A 20% increase in overall registration and traffic in the first month of launch!  We are thrilled to have had the experience of a lifetime creating this extremely robust registration software!