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January 20, 2021

Improve Your WordPress Website

by Lori Shecter


  1. Limit your plugins: If you install too many, it will cause your site to run slow. Uninstall the ones that you don’t use. Make sure you update plugins as new releases occur.
  2. Optimize your site content for SEO: Writing SEO optimized content will allow your page to be found by search engines. Pick a single keyword and focus your article on that keyword. Use a plugin like Yoast for SEO best practices. That will improve your WordPress website. (see what I did there?) I can tell you that writing SEO optimized content greatly impacts your business.
  3. Back up: Back Up. Did I say Back Up? Completely necessary for catastrophic failure of your server. Check with your hosting company or have your development team take full copies of your website and store in another server.
  4. Change your permalink structure: The default permalink structure in WordPress is not optimized for SEO. If you do this after the site is live, this can impact your SEO. There is a Yoast plugin that will generate redirects from your old permalink to your new one.
  5.  Update WordPress: Make sure your WordPress theme and core is up-to-date to prevent hacking. Here’s a list of a few security plugins
  6. Don’t change URL’s of pages or page: If your post or page URL already has SEO juice, changing it will lead to a broken link unless you create a redirect as mentioned in step 4. If you change a post slug..same thing will happen.
  7. Use Imagery: Great for SEO, and you know what? People don’t read – but hopefully, you are reading this article, but pictures do make it more interesting. Make sure that your article is SEO optimize. Great free images are on Pixaby, Unsplash, and
  8. Optimize your images for the web: Otherwise, they will be too heavy. Your designer can help you with this. If your website is loaded with heavy imagery, the website can run slowly and impact SEO. Smush is a WordPress plugin that can help optimize your images
  9. Use a strong password to prevent hacking: Need I say more. WordPress helps generate passwords.
  10.  Hosting: Make sure to get a hosting company that will ensure your website is safe, that knows how to work with WordPress and will give you optimum performance.

This is a short but important list of how to keep your improve your WordPress website.

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