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January 25, 2015

What does your Facebook Page Say about You?

Time to break down the Facebook Page-

Profile Picture and Cover Photo:

How do your profile picture and cover photo look? You should always try to keep these two elements relevant, crisp (no bad quality images, please!) and up to date. This is your branding, so make sure it follows all best practices and then get it out there! Having regularly rotated cover photos  is an easy way to take advantage of changes in season and show your customers that you are on top of your game.

About section:

Fill out all the necessary information about your business. This is very important. We’ve seen too many pages that forget to include their website or contact information. Since your Facebook page exists to help convert your audience, how can you forget to provide an outlet for them to reach you?


This is your Facebook Page’s most visible metric. However, don’t use it as your only (or even your main) metric. It has been shown that likes do not directly correlate to actionable conversions. People who like your page or your posts may not really be too deeply involved with your company. Focus on improving your content and the overall interest of your page to really make the most out of Facebook.

Your Posts:

What kind of content are you displaying, and how often do you do it? Please avoid clickbait posts that have little to do with your business such as “Like if you like pizza. Share if you want it today. “ Even if your business is all about pizza, there are better ways to have engagement (In that pizza example, if you add something like “comment to unlock a coupon. X number of comments will unlock a discount,” you could technically turn a useless post into one that increases your sales during the promotion. It’s all about framing.)
Don’t post too often because you will bury your posts in a sea of information. It’s always better to be concise and up to date.

Your Posts to Page:

Do you allow posts to your page? Seriously consider doing it, even if you are afraid of what content your audience could bring. You can always filter for spam or obscenities, and a few easily solved fears should keep you from fully utilizing what SOCIAL media has to offer. If you already allow users to post on your page, what is your response strategy? Do you reply directly to your audience? Do you tag them effectively and provide useful links and information? Do you have stock answers that you recycle in an attempt to look alive? All of these day to day interactions are within the public eye. If you are going to use social media, make sure that you act wisely when you choose to reply!

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