9 Top AI Tools For Your Non-Profit

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March 17, 2023
by Juan M. Jimenez

After so many years of working with and helping non-profits, at We Are Immediate we know precisely how exhausting and draining running one can be. That’s exactly why we’ve decided to make this great list of the top AI tools that can make your work easier and help you focus on other things. Here are 9 amazing tools you can use!

Although you can do many things using ChatGPT, its full potential has not yet been realized because it partially depends on the creativity of those who use it. The simplest thing you can do is ask the AI to explain anything, and it will use the data that it has been trained on to do so.

With the ability to request a maximum number of characters or words to explain historical events, renowned persons, or technological advancements, this will also assist you in writing articles or summaries. Basically, it can be your private journalist or your cheat sheet for classes.

You can also ask for lines of code, product specification sheets, comparisons, etc. It can write you poems, jokes, or song lyrics. You can ask it to write texts as if it were speaking to a 5-year-old child, using a tonality from a certain region, and in short, anything related to language or that can be expressed through it.

Grammarly’s AI technology treats our writing as if it’s a translation. But instead of translating English to German, Grammarly translates bad English to correct English. Grammarly does this with the help of several linguists and a vast amount of literature it loads into its systems to train everything from deep neural nets—some of the most sophisticated AI technology—to simple, rule-based programs.

Magic Eraser
This is one of the best tools when it comes to imagery, and here at We Are Immediate we never get tired of recommending it. It is completely free and very easy to use. Do you want to remove an unwanted object/person from an image? Done. Do you want to straight up remove the entire background from an image? Done. It’s that simple.

What can this tool do for you and your non-profit?

  • Data extraction: Get specific data from any website in the form of an auto-filling spreadsheet.
  • Monitoring: Extract data on a schedule (defined by you) and get notified on any changes (isn’t this amazing?).
  • Prebuilt robot Setup: Browse prebuilt robots for the most usual cases and start using them immediately without having to set anything up.

Browse AI is the only intelligent online automation tool that allows you to successfully record and execute automation on any of the 1.8 billion websites available.

This great free (also has paid plans) tool can generate images from any text/description you provide. Of course, you can use the images it generates in your website, as long as you respect their Terms of Use, and hopefully credit them!

This is one of the most surprising tools in that very few people know about it and about the amazing things it can do for you and your non-profit. Sembly.ai is basically an assistant that can record your meetings (Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams) and then create a perfect transcript of the ENTIRE meeting, while it identifies the key topics (with time stamps). Hard to believe this exists and that not everyone is using it.
There is a free version, as well as paid plans with more features.

Assembly AI
AssemblyAI is an AI company building a platform of APIs (programming interfaces that allow developers to add AI functions to their applications) to transcribe and understand audio data. Its platform automatically converts audio or video files and live audio streams to text. Users can do more with audio intelligence like summarization, content moderation, topic detection, and more. This great tool is one of the best ones to transcribe audio files and videos.

Futuretools.io and Futurepedia.io
Both are the best AI tools directories. They’ll allow you to find AI tools that can do pretty much anything you need. ‘Nuff said.



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