Non-Profit Board of Directors: Screening Questions

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January 20, 2023
Board of Directors, Simplified
by Lori Shecter

Do you need a non-profit board of directors?

In order to be a 501c3 you need to have a board of directors. At a minimum, you need 3 board members, but many choose 4 or more.  The roles include Board Chair, Board Secretary, Board Treasurer, and Board Vice-Chair (the fourth position).  Board members should have a vested interest in your mission as well as be able to HELP YOU FUNDRAISE.  I can’t stress that enough.

Additionally, the nonprofit board of directors is responsible for the oversight and governance of the organization. This includes setting the mission and goals of the organization, monitoring financial performance, making sure the organization is in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and providing strategic guidance. The board is also responsible for hiring and evaluating the executive director, developing and approving policies, and setting fundraising goals and activities.

Screening questions for a non-profit board of directors

Not sure how to screen your potential board of directors?  Click on the link below to get a robust list of questions to use to screen your potential board member.


Where to find your non-profit board of directors

  • Consider your dedicated volunteers that might have the perfect matching requirements
  • If you have any donors that are very involved with your organization…they might be a good match
  • Current board and staff recommendations might seem obvious place, but many people don’t think about them.
  • Business community:  people in your local community business may be interested in your non-profit mission.
  • Advertise your need for a board of directors position through multiple marketing channels, like your newsletter, word of mouth, and social media.
  • Contact local organizations, like some United Way chapters and volunteer centers, that teach people how to be effective board members, then match them with nonprofits that need them
  • Use a board or volunteer recruitment website
  • Use the Taproot Foundation’s Taproot+ interactive tool to search for candidates in your own network

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