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Gifted Unique

Establishing a new leader in jewelry

As the strategic partner for Gifted Unique, We Are Immediate has helped the brand to evolve its business from a small jewelry company to a leader in accessories. Our work has spanned creating the Woo-Commerce website, search optimization,  and branding supporting the company as it expands into new product lines.

What We Did

The new Gifted Unique website built in Woo-Commerce improved site performance and sales.

  • Custom e-commerce web design and development
  • Digital marketing
  • Integration with financial software
  • Multiple page templates
  • Mobile responsive
  • Branding and print

Our solution

Our solution

Our solution

Connecting the dots between website, SEO and print campaigns.

A perfect environment for Gifted Unique to display their wonderful hand-crafted jewelry.

Increase in sales


“The website is so easy to use, it’s hard to imagine how we were able to do this without the help of We Are Immediate.”

-Gifted Unique Team