5 Ideas for Social Media Posts!

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March 20, 2023
5 minute read
by Juan M. Jimenez

Yes, we know the idea of running a non-profit AND having to complement it with social media promotion can be overwhelming. That’s why we put this list of 5 ideas for social media posts for you to promote your organization and increase interactions and participation! Here they are:

1: Before & After
The exact type of “Before & After” post will depend on what your non-profit does, but it applies to pretty much everything.  You can show a place you helped renovate, people you helped, a cause that you raised money for, how one of your donations helped the community, etc. In summary, show the impact you have on your community. You can even show how your own non-profit has grown over time, how many people have been positively affected by your actions, and much more.

To create an effective before and after post you will most certainly need images to really show the great effect your organization has in your neighborhood, a specific group of people, etc. You can also include a compelling and well-designed caption that will leave your followers thinking about the great impact you have!

2: FAQ/Ask Me Anything
This is another great idea because you can divide it into 2 separate posts: one asking your public for questions/doubts/topics they are interested in, and another one with the actual answers. That way, you will produce twice the interactions and create interest, as the people will also be waiting for the answers. Making the answers visible is a great way of making it easy for new followers to know the key aspects of your organization!

3: Featured Expert
This one would need a little bit more planning than the previous ideas, but it can be as effective. It consists of “inviting” and interviewing someone who’s an expert in your field of work, or someone who has experience and can share some insight about the processes, the results you’re after, and the effect your work will have on the community. This can be a great way of validating your mission, and showing people WHY they should help/donate/join you.

4: Challenges
You can also bring attention to your non-profit by participating or initiating a fun challenge. Of course, it should probably be related to the work your non-profit does, in order to make sense. This isn’t exactly fun, this here’s an example of a viral challenge. You can publicly share the people that participate, so they feel valued, and they can also share you and your challenge with their own followers, and potentially extend your reach.

5: Contest with prizes
You can organize a contest with prizes that are related to the work that you do. This can be a great way to engage your followers and reward them for their loyalty and support. For example, you can ask nearby businesses for small donations (products or services, in exchange for promotion) and then offer that free product or service to the winner of the contest. Alternatively, you can offer gift cards or discounts for participating followers. Make sure to publicize the contest widely to ensure that as many people as possible participate.

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