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by We Are Immediate
Helping Education Journalists

For more than 75 years

EWA has worked for over 75 years to help education journalists get the story right. We Are Immediate helped EWA get their website right! We were successful in increasing website traffic and user engagement including event and webinar registration.


Other features include:

  • Donation Software
  • Membership
  • Event Registration
  • SaleForce Integration
  • E-commerce


What We Did

Custom designed WordPress website with 1000s of resources, webinar /event registration and donation software.



by We Are Immediate


by We Are Immediate

More accesible content

Education journalists easily find what they need on the new website. EWA (with our help) offers a wealth of data, resources, and tools to facilitate the research and reporting process.

Increase of time spent on the website.



Complete flexibility for EWA

Over 22 new page templates were created, each carefully crafted for a specific purpose within the website. All sections have distinct areas that we want to highlight, which is achieved by our effective design around said areas.

All templates are designed separately

The mobile design is pixel-perfect. This means that every single item looks exactly how it is intended to look on all devices and screen sizes. It requires extreme attention to detail and accuracy in order to ensure that all elements of the design are displayed exactly as they should be.

Services Performed



It was very important that each user’s needs were recognized in the new EWA website. We conducted research among users, board members, and members. We fully captured all the needs of each website user.



UX Design

This website had a very complicated structure.  We had to assign over 5000 pages for users to easily find.  We created a new site map and over 22 pages of wireframes.



Graphic Design

We wanted to design something unique and special for EWA while retaining its branding. Awash with the gold and black colors, we created not only fabulous page templates, but icons that are the new and wonderful branding as part of the website.




All our websites come with Search Engine Optimization technology, tools and training.

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