Website Design for Non-Profits: Our Secret to Success

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September 21, 2022
by Lori Shecter
Non-profit website design has been our passion for over 14 years. We Are Immediate was founded because we believed we could create better designs, faster designs, and higher-performing designs than other agencies in our field. We have found the secret sauce to helping non-profits get a higher performing and unique website after 13 years of designing non-profit websites. Our 5 step process helps all our non-profit clients have a brilliant non-profit website

Step 1: Non-Profit Website Design – Visualize

An organization’s website is its portal to everything it does. Visitors to a website will form a lasting impression based on their first experience. And since everyone has the attention span of a gnat, it is important that each page of your website catches a person’s attention and keeps it. Your non-profit website should move a user to take action when they visit your website. That can mean donating, sponsoring, requesting information, joining as a volunteer or employee, or perhaps registering for an event.

How we solve this:

We believe that great design is GREAT DESIGN no matter how our team is inspired. We use global influences to determine the right design, page layout, and page structure for your organization. Design is highly emotional and needs to evoke a viewpoint about your organization — and We Are Immediate excels in this area.

Step 2: Design with Purpose

We noticed that many non-profit websites have amazing homepages, but the inner pages lack a cohesive structure, layout, and call to action. Users don’t understand what to do when they get to the inner pages of the website and there are no compelling calls to action.  Defining each page’s purpose on your website is one of the most important parts of non-profit web design. No pages are “throw-away”  and every page has a clear user journey — which means that your website will have a much higher probability of delivering on your marketing goals. We Are Immediate takes special pride in ensuring that your website is created to achieve your organization’s specific needs. We Are Immediate develops customized layouts and designs for every non-profit website. Unlike other non-profit website design companies, every page on your website is unique to your organization.

Step 3: Storytelling for Non-Profit Website Design

Gone are the days when your non-profit website design requirements would be satisfied with heavy text and a few images. People (going back to the attention span of a gnat) must be “entertained” so to speak when it comes to learning about your organization. With high-resolution mobile devices, collecting fabulous video stories about your organization is a must-have. More important than imagery, more important than words, the sight, sound, motion, and emotion of video, will help compel people to take action.


Step 4:  Make it Easy to Use!

We realize you have LIMITED TIME to make your website come to life. That is why we ensure that our admin panels are custom designed and easy for you to use. We also provide a training library to ensure that no matter who on your team manages the website, you will always have a guidebook to ensure proper training.

Step 5:  Develop all Technical Requirements

Every non-profit website design is different and based on the very specific needs of your organization. We Are Immediate can create or integrate a large multitude of technologies to ensure that your website can handle many different functions including but not limited to:

  • Donations – Customized donations or donation software integration
  • Event Registration – Customized registration or software integration
  • Membership
  • Integration with Salesforce and other CRMS
  • E-Learning
  • Search Engine Optimization

And finally

Everything is about you and for your organization – to make it succeed beyond your wildest imagination. Contacting us is only the beginning. Our goal is to help you transform the way your non-profit website impacts your organization. We look forward to helping you.

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